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Digital Ignite
Your brain on digital ads
Your brain on digital ads

There are more humans consuming media and observing digital content on a daily basis than ever before. With this content comes more and more digital ads that become more challenging to create an impactful call to action due to the overwhelming and continued saturation of the market. So how do we as marketers best serve effective digital ads? A significant key to answer this is understanding, not just the audience you’re serving but the psychological stage in which your audience has developed.

To start with, the development of psychological stages across a human lifespan is quite important in deciphering what…

The lumascape goes far beyond Facebook and Google, juggernauts though they are.

The marketing technology landscape faces a few major developments that surfaced in 2020 and will impact everyone in the field: the extreme pressure Facebook and Google are now under and what is possibly coming for them; the changes in media consumption and how that will impact the technology arc in the next five to 10 years; and the evolution of blockchain. Facebook and Google are juggernauts, and this duopoly is what the majority of digital agencies “work in,” but there are two major problems with this. …

Disclaimer- This is not a political article nor meant to spin to either party. The thesis of this piece is to state the facts- Pollsters, rating companies and media outlets have been lying to us and manipulating our population for generations and we have the power now to take it all back.

We’re going to talk about the last few elections- not on my side or your side (seriously let’s end sides and talk about ideas) but in how we’re being presented data to change how we think to keep people currently in power (both public and private sector) in…

Digital Ignite

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