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5 Benefits of Data Research

At Digital Ignite, we begin a client’s work by conducting data research. The resulting intelligence creates an interpretive roadmap. It guides our marketing vision, giving us a clear understanding of a client’s core audience. With this insight, we then create detailed strategies, using keyword writing and creative
design. Once released in multi-channel distribution, we perform real-time analytics 24/7, sending feedback back to the marketing team who continually tweak and thereby drive best results.

Here are five ways your brand will benefit from data-powered marketing.

  1. Real-Time Data Inspires New Creative Approaches.
    Real time ad testing reveals what does and does not work.
    In What does data-led creativity look like? author Clemence Beauchamp says, “The ability to access relevant metrics in real-time should be an invitation to keep experimenting.” This opportunity to try various approaches and immediately see results, allows marketers to immediately emphasize the most productive approach.
  2. Highly personalized ad experience.
    Techniques like Dynamic Creative Optimization allow enhanced personalized marketing. An ad experience is tailored — from colors, to size, to position — to a shopper’s preferences. This yields higher performance, perfect for low-funnel campaigns.
  3. Build Long Term Brand Loyalty.
    A major goal should be increasing the return shopper rate. Deepening brand loyalty through improved customer engagement and word of mouth, aids revenue growth. Loyal customers not only return, but they also share their experience with friends and family, raising corporate profits.
  4. Reduce Spending.
    According to Marketing Insider Group, data-driven ads can reduce overhead. Using sales data to geographically pinpoint which ads are driving sales traffic, marketers can concentrate ads where they will predictably succeed.
  5. Increase traffic.
    Determining content best suited for an audience also will drive traffic. Whether it’s through video, blog lists, landing pages, or infographics — defining the best content delivery method will conserve resources.

In summary, sophisticated data-driven marketing not only attracts customers, but also narrows the target audience, pinpoints successful tactics, and reduces overhead costs. Digital Ignite specializes in data-driven ad campaigns to boost company visibility and grow customer relationships. We can elevate your brand! For more information, visit

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